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          Property Tax Appraisal Protest

          Planning to protest your property tax appraisal value?? You can certainly do this on your own;? however, you can also represent yourself in court instead of hiring an attorney.? Is this really wise?

          Despite the fact that I am an Austin Realtor, for many years, I have hired a company to protest my property tax valuation for me.? Each year, they have reduced my property taxes by at least 8%.? I’ve had neighbors and family members “do it yourself,” and have actually had their values RAISED by the appraisal district.? Why risk something as awful as that?

          I’ve also heard nightmare stories about folks spending hours at the appraisal district waiting for their “turn.”? Taking time away from work is just not an option for me.? I’m way too busy, and I’ll bet you are, too.

          That’s why I recommend that you hire a professional to represent your best interests and get you the best results.? The company I use does not charge you if they do not reduce your property valuation.? If they are successful, they charge a percentage of the reduction.? It’s well worth it!

          I use:

          Texas Pro Tax
          8322 Cross Park
          Austin, TX 78754
          512-339-6671 ph