Austin Area Home Sellers:straight on 1000x1100

I’ve lived in Austin since 1981, and so I’m familiar with all areas of town, from Downtown Condos to Lake Travis Waterfront Estates. I’ve sold ranches, starter homes, custom homes, neighborhood homes and many waterfront properties.

The fact is that I’m one of just a few hundred real estate agents in Austin who sell the majority of all properties. For the past fifteen years, I’ve specialized in helping sellers get at least 6% more their homes than traditional agents. That way, you don’t have to worry about the commission.

How do I do it? Extensive marketing to my fellow agents and directly to the consumer. Watch this video to find out more. ~ Dianne Bartlett

Austin Area Home Buyers:

I’ve been helping folks buy houses for over 15 years,?through fast markets and slow ones.?I’ve helped buyers win multiple offers?and avoid overpaying for a house.?I’d like to put all my experience to work?to help you find the home of your dreams?and a savvy investment for your future.

Watch this brief video just to get to know me.?~ Dianne Bartlett

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