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          Today’s Market

          Home sales are picking up in Austin, and some of the more popular neighborhoods that are close in to major employment are experiencing a SELLER’S MARKET. ?That means that homes are selling in less than 6 months and in some cases are selling with multiple offers.

          Outlying Austin neighborhoods and surrounding communities, such as Round Rock, Cedar Park, Lakeway, Dripping Springs, Buda, etc. remain in a BUYER’S MARKET. ?That means that homes are selling (on average) in more than 6 months and prices remain relatively flat.

          Lower priced Austin homes in all areas are selling in less than 6 months. ? The more people who can afford your price range, the easier time you will have selling your home. ?Most home buyers qualify for homes priced under $200,000.

          Higher priced luxury homes in Austin ?are still experiencing sluggish sales. ?Only a small percentage of home buyers can even qualify to buy a home priced over $500,000. ?Homes in this price range are taking several months, if not years to sell. ?The exception would be a home in this price range that is priced significantly less than comparable homes. ?All buyers love a bargain, and bargain homes always sell quickly.

          The good news for any home seller is that even if you have to sell your current home for a little less money, you will likely save money in the current market when you purchase another home. ?Low interest rates and bargain homes are still plentiful. ?There’s never been a better time to sell your current Austin home and buy the home of your dreams.

          Watch this video to get a short peek at how Dianne Bartlett can get your house sold:


          See all the homes sold in your neighborhood: Request a?Austin Real Estate Market Report.

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