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          Furnishings & Decor

          When presenting your house for sale to potential buyers, you must be willing to de-personalize for good Austin home staging!? That means all personal items must be removed from view.? These items range from family photos to bathroom toiletries.? The more you are willing to de-personalize, the better your chances will be of attracting a buyer.

          What to remove for good Austin home staging:

          1.? All personal photos
          2.? Children’s artwork
          3.? Framed Awards
          4.? Trophies
          5.??Framed Degrees, Diplomas & Certificates
          6.? All religious or spiritual items?of any kind
          7.? All taxidermy animals &?hunting?trophies
          8.? Any personal keepsakes
          9.??All valuables
          10. Any?fragile collections
          11. Guns, knives?& weapon displays
          12. Kitchen cutlery
          13.?Prescription medicines
          14.?Any treasured antiques?& heirlooms
          15. Prized artwork
          16. Money or currency of any kind
          17. Tribal artwork & any items that might be associated with the occult
          18. All personal grooming items, such as shampoos, perfumes, brushes, shaving items, etc.
          19. Pet bowls, beds & toys
          20. Clothing & jewelry, except as stored in closets & chests

          Wow!? So, you may be wondering:? How am I going to live in my house without these items?? Obviously, collections & photos can be packed away and safely stored until you move to your new home.? Kitchen knives and bathroom items are probably something you can’t live without day-to-day while your house is for sale.? For successful Austin home staging, the solution is to keep these items hidden from view in drawers or cabinets.? Shower items can be placed in a plastic bucket, which you can bring out for use and stow away in a cabinet when done.? That way, whenever your house is shown, even if the buyer’s agent gives little notice, your house is always at its best.

          What to keep out for good Austin home staging:

          1.? Pottery barn type decor (even if it’s something cheap)
          2.? Coffee table books
          3.? Contemporary?artwork & framed prints,
          4.? Side tables, end tables, coffee tables & sofa tables
          5.? All lamps
          ?6.? Updated furniture (even if cheap or slightly worn)
          7.? Decorative bowls of all kinds
          8.? Decorative Vases,
          9.? Candy dishes
          10. Large gem stones (like geodes)
          11. Candles & candle holders
          12. Decorative mirrors
          13. All throw pillows
          14. Artificial plants of all kinds
          15.?The bed in the master bedroom
          16. The dining table & breakfast table
          17.?Living room furniture
          18. Family room furniture

          Do not pack away any of the items mentioned in this list until you have a professional Austin home stager look it over.? This furniture & decor can become essential to showing off the house to potential buyers.? These items can be used to accent the best features of the house and help make it appealing to “every” potential buyer.

          Contact me or call me at 512-266-2606 for more information on staging your home to sell.

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