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          Hudson Bend

          See current homes for sale in Hudson Bend.

          Hudson Bend is an area in Travis County that is not incorporated.? What defines Hudson Bend is that it is entirely surrounded by the main basin of Lake Travis Texas.? When observed from the air, Hudson Bend is the shape of a peninsula or perhaps a giant’s thumb.? More accurately, though, Hudson Bend is simply a bend of land along the south shore of Lake Travis.? The Colorado River that forms the lake just happens to bend back upon itself into the shape of a horseshoe before meeting up with Mansfield Dam.

          Drive approximately 20 miles from the heart of downtown Austin in a northwesterly direction and turn onto Hudson Bend Road off Highway 620 to visit the area.? You’ll find approximately 1000 homes in a 4 square mile area as well as many marinas, restaurants and small businesses.? Children attend Lake Travis Elementary school, Hudson Bend Middle School and Lake Travis High School.? Most residents access the lake through their own water frontage, private homeowner parks or marinas but the public can access Lake Travis waterfront at the nearby LCRA Mansfield Dam Park.

          Named for Wiley Hudson, the area was first settled in the 1850’s as a farming and ranching community.? The construction of Mansfield Dam in the 1940’s changed the area from agricultural to residential, beginning with several weekend lake cabins and lodges.? Subdivisions, such as Hudson Bend Colony and Travis Landing soon emerged, and the area took on more full-time residents.? Today, area housing ranges from mobile home parks to multi-million dollar waterfront estates and everything in between.? Socio-economic diversity with equal love of Lake Travis waterfront recreation helps Hudson Bend maintain its unique and casual climate.