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          Austin Central

          Downtown Condos
          University of Texas?Condos?
          Hyde Park – under $300K?
          Huntland Heights/St Johns
          Northwest Hills/Cat Mountain

          Whether you want the convenience of living close to everything that’s central in Austin, Texas or if you just love living around the excitement, events & activity constantly available, Central Austin offers a variety of home choices from condos & student housing to quaint older neighborhoods & even prestigious estates.

          Downtown Condos have sprung up in recent years, and many buyers are enjoying loft living, luxury concierge service & a modern lifestyle close to downtown nightlife, cultural & sporting events, & their places of work.? There’s a condo for everyone, with prices ranging from the mid-100’s for a modest remodeled unit all the way to $4-5M for an upper floor suite at the Spring or Austonian.

          ?The University of Texas offers students of all ages a chance to enjoy college life & advanced learning in a wide range of courses.? Student housing is not as costly when you buy rather than rent, & condos are a great investment for parents & investors alike.? Condo choices near campus start in the mid 100’s.

          Central Austin neighborhoods offer a wide range of choices from historic estates to updated family homes to prestigious new builds along the hills & shores of Lake Austin.? You won’t get as much square footage for your money in Central Austin, but you’ll enjoy close-in convenience, beautiful established neighborhoods & easy resale potential.? Home prices start in the?upper 200’s.


          I’m very familiar with the UT area & Central Austin housing choices.? Call me at 512-266-2606 or contact me for more information.