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Generations of Home Buyers and Sellers

Who is going to buy your home?

Thirty-three percent of home buyers are first time buyers. The typical first time home buyer is 31 years old.

Sixty-five percent of recent home buyers are married.

The following graphics show percentages of older home buyers and sellers, who collectively make up the majority of the home buying market.

Home Buyers and Sellers Younger Boomers
Home Buyers and Sellers Older Boomers
Home Buyers and Sellers Born Prior to 1945

Lake Travis Area Real Estate Market Update 2014

Curious about the Lake Travis real estate market? Wondering how many homes would compete with yours if you listed now and how many days on average you will wait to get a contract?

See average sales numbers, sale prices, days on market, list to sale price ratio and more.

Click here to see the Lake Travis Real Estate Market Report:

2014-10 Lake Travis Area Real Estate Market Report

Want to know how your neighborhood is doing? See historical sales data for Lakeway, The Hills of Lakeway, Steiner Ranch, Lake Pointe, The Uplands, Cardinal Hills, Apache Shores, Briarcliff, Alta Vista, Flintrock, Spanish Oaks, Falconhead and Rough Hollow.

Click here to see the Lake Travis Area Subdivision Report:

2014-10 Lake Travis Subdivision Real Estate Market Data

And for a summary of Lake Travis Real Estate Market Data, click here:

2014-10 Lake Travis Real Estate Market Summary?(provided courtesy of Gracy Title Company)

Austin Area Real Estate Market Update

Curious about the Austin real estate market? Are home sales up? Down? Click the link to see a detailed report of the last six months of Austin area real estate market data, including average days on market, list to sales price ratio, months of inventory and more. This Austin real estate market report includes data for each price band so that you can get an idea of how fast homes like yours are selling and how much competition there is in case you are thinking of selling your home.

Click this link:

2014-10 all MLS report

The above data is courtesy of Keller Williams Realty Lake Travis Market Center


Here’s a different version of the report with market summaries:

2014-10 Austin MLS Statistics

The above data is courtesy of Gracy Title Company


Three links that show detailed historical data for Austin Area home sale prices over several years:

2014 -10 Austin MLS Housing Activity, Data

The above data is courtesy of the Texas A & M Real Estate Center


To summarize, prices are up from a year ago, but price growth is slowing.?Gains in the last 3 years have extended
the trend of positive price growth after?the recession.?Price appreciation and principle?payments in the last 3 years have
boosted total equity growth in home investments since the recession.

Availability of jobs has the biggest affect on the Austin area housing market. Employment growth has eased, but?remains positive.?Unemployment in Austin is better than?the national average and improving.?Local employment growth is strong?compared to other markets.?The economy of Texas has outpaced?the rest of the nation and improved?modestly from last month’s 4.41% change.

See the details here: ?2014 Second Quarter Austin market report?(Courtesy of the National Association of Realtors)


Perfect Time to Sell Your Home in Austin Texas

It’s the perfect time to sell your home in Austin, Texas! ?There are fewer homes on the market for sale in Austin at this time of year than at any other time of year in Austin. ?I only have ONE active listing right now, everything else is under contract or recently sold. ?Home buyers in Austin have very little choice in homes right now. ?Yet, we have more home buyers than home sellers right now in Austin. ?Plenty of home buyers are relocating to Austin right now. ?Other buyers need a bigger home as they have children or their children get older, so they are selling smaller homes and looking for something with more bedrooms in an area with good schools. ?Still other home buyers are getting older and wanting to downsize, so they are wanting one story homes.

All this demand translate to a great opportunity for any Austin home seller! ?Don’t wait until spring because that is when every other home seller thinks to list. ?You may get lost in the crowd if you wait.

We’re lucky enough in Austin to have mild weather year round, which makes winter a wonderful time to show off your home. ?The home pictured below is for sale right now in Twin Creeks, so if you’re thinking of retiring to a golf course community or need a good family home in a great school district, this home would be perfect. ?Call me today! ?512-266-2606

Perfect Time to Sell Your Home and Buy a New One

Federal Reserve’s Quantitative Easing Ushers In Perfect Time To Sell Your Home Or Buy A New One


Over the past month the call to action has gone out for all those who have waited that perfect time to sell their home or were unsure of the best time to buy. Have you heard the big news about the Federal Reserve’s plan to spend $40-billion each month buying mortgage-backed??securities to boost the sluggish economy?

The mortgage debt buying through QE3 will continue over the next several months, until measurable improvements to the economy are seen. Hoping this action will help strengthen recovery efforts of the housing market, the Fed wants to put downward pressure on longer-term interest rates, support mortgage markets, and help to make broader financial conditions more accommodative.

As a home owner ready to sell or a home buyer looking to purchase a property, there has never been a more definitive time for you to make your move than right now. When the interest rates are low, buyers have more buying power and sellers do not have to settle for less. The ability to purchase more changes dramatically, even at a 1% lowered rate.

For example, a home selling for $225,000 at a 4.65% interest rate has a calculated payment of $1,160.18 per month. With a 3.65% interest rate, or 1% lower, the monthly payment would be reduced by $130.90 equating to a housing payment of $1,029.28. This translates into another $28,615 of buying power.

Whether you are buying or selling, it is a major financial decision that directly impacts you and your family, so in order to get the best deal, you must act quickly. Political gimmicks and election year aside, no one knows when this Federal Reserve spending will suddenly end. Yes, it has the capacity to disappear, maybe even right after the holidays and before spring is in the air.

If you have been waiting for the right time to sell or purchase property, this is it. Now is the time to take advantage of this great opportunity to use this incentive to sell your home or buy the house you have always wanted.


Selling a Home in the 78734 Lake Travis Area?

Selling a Home in the 78734 Lake Travis Area? ?It’s a good time to list your home in the Lakeway/Lake Travis area, especially if you are in the 78734 zip code. ?Home sale prices have steadily increased, and right now, there are not as many buyer choices. ?Less competition from other homes on the market means you will have a better chance of selling.

The median list price in September for single family homes in Austin is$512,450. The list prices increased by?2.49%?from the previous month.

The price per square foot for listings in this area is?$221.

The median sale price in June forsingle family homes is?$432,000. The sale prices increased by?13.71%from the previous month.

The price per square foot for sales in this area is?$112.

Click the graph below to see detailed market information for 78734 and any other zip codes in the Lakeway/Lake Travis area.

Great Time to List & Sell Your Lake Pointe Home in Lake Travis ISD

It’s a?Great Time to List & Sell Your Lake Pointe Home in Lake Travis ISD! ?The Lake Pointe Real Estate Market has improved and Lake Pointe homes are selling faster in 2012. ? There are very few homes on the market in Lake Pointe currently, so if you’re thinking of selling, now is the time to list your Lake Pointe home.

For more information on selling your Lake Pointe home, follow this link:

Selling My Lake Pointe Home

To see recently sold Lake Pointe homes and prices, follow this link:

Lake Pointe Homes Sold