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Lake Travis Level when Full… and Snowy!

Enjoy Lake Travis level full and snowy with this video from the Winter of 2010. ?Lake Travis lake levels go up and down, so even though the lake is currently 50 feet low, it doesn’t take much of a weather change to raise the lake level.

As a flood control water reservoir, Lake Travis levels fluctuate according to the incoming stream flows and the outgoing demand for its water. ?According to Texas law, rice farmers downstream have almost unlimited rights to pull water out of this beautiful lake. ?Although extreme drought conditions this year have encouraged some curtailing of these rights, rice farmers are still the primary source of Lake Travis level draw downs. ?Municipalities and other entities who use water from Lake Travis consist of a mere minor fraction of the percentage water used by downstream rice farmers, whose crops do not meet the higher standards needed to be sold in the United States because it’s a genetically engineered rice.

Even though the Lake Travis lake level has now fallen below 630 feet msl, there is still plenty of water in the lake for recreation. ?Lake Travis waterfront owners are still boating, jet skiing, kayaking, swimming, sailing and looking out over less lake, but still beautiful water views. ?Plus, lakeside residents have added a new recreational activity: ?beach combing! ?As water levels recede, trash can be cleaned up and sometimes treasures can found as well. ?This year, I’ve found several interesting, old glass bottles.

Like the water level, Lake Travis waterfront prices are low right now, too. ?So, if you’ve been thinking of buying a waterfront home, contact me today. ?I’ve lived on the main basin of Lake Travis waterfront for 12 years.

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Be a Good (Quiet) Neighbor When You Have a Back Yard Party


Be a Good (Quiet) Neighbor When You Have a Back Yard Party.? I attended a wonderful Halloween party last?year in a South Austin neighborhood.? When we parked the car along the street, it was eerily quiet!? In fact, we were walking up to the house and were worried we had the wrong address.

The party host was insistent that we all come dressed in costume.? So when we saw Alice and the Mad Hatter walking up, we knew we were at the right place.? The couple directed us along the caution tape in the front yard to an opening in the fence that led to the back yard.? There, flaps of black visqueen plastic formed a curtain that we parted and walked through.

Then, we walked through a tunnel formed by the side fence and the plastic.? We hunched under spider webs and foliage along a path all the way to the back of the yard.? There, we turned and followed the back fence line between the large plastic sheet and the fence until we finally reached the opening to the party into the back yard.


Wow!? There were 30 costumed folks already talking, laughing and listening to music.? The large, thick sheets of plastic had formed the perfect sound curtain!

We found out later that the?owners had two reasons to shield the noise and keep it quiet.? The neighbors were serving as the baby sitter for the young children & babies of party goers.? Even attendees wanted it quiet for sleeping babies.

We stayed until 1pm and enjoyed a costume contest announced by microphone, raucus laughter, a stunt show which included a pocket bike and a pole dancing show put on by Juno & her boyfriend.? There were no neighbor complaints, and when we left the party that was still going strong, we were amazed at the quiet as we walked to our car.