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          While Shopping for a Home

          Always look for potential.? Try to look beyond the seller’s décor and personal tastes in furniture.? Try to picture your own décor and furniture in the home.? Don’t worry about minor faults the house may have, such as out-dated wall paper or stained carpet.? Wall paper, paint, carpet, old appliances, entry tile, etc. are all items easily changed and can sometimes even be negotiated into the sales price.

          Stay focused on your needs.? Eliminate houses that don’t meet your minimum needs and move on to the next house.? If a house does meet your minimum needs, keep the house on your list until you find a house that is superior to it in terms of meeting not just your needs but some of your wants as well.? By repeating this process of elimination, you will eventually wind up with 1-3 houses at the top of your list.

          Contact me or call 512-266-2606 when you are ready to shop for a home.