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          Leander Schools

          The Leander Independent School District (LISD) includes more than 200 square miles and serves the cities of Leander, Cedar Park, Jonestown, the northwest part of Travis County, and the 1431 corridor. Over 32,000 students attend one of Leander ISD’s 36 campuses which include 2 alternative, 23 elementary, 5 high schools, and 7 middle schools. Leander ISD is a Texas Teacher’s Association Recognized district. If you are interested in buying a home for sale in the Leander School District, you are looking at a great area known for scenic neighborhoods and towns.
          High Schools
          The 5 high schools serving the district are all exemplary or recognized with gold performance acknowledgements or commendations.
          Cedar Park High School is located off of Anderson Mill Road near Cypress Creek Road. They are a recognized school with gold performance acknowledgements in AP, college ready graduates, TSI English language arts and mathematics.
          Leander High Schools
          Vandergrift HS is one of many great schools in the area.
          Leander High School is a Small Learning Community school and an International Baccalaureate school. Located off of Baghdad Road in Leander, the school is a recognized school with gold performance acknowledgements for college ready graduates and commendations on social studies performance.
          Rouse is a recognized school in the Leander School District. Located north of Knox Wiley Middle School, off of E Crystal Falls Parkway, they have received a gold performance commendation for performance in social studies.
          Vandergrift High School has earned an exemplary rating for performance as well as commendations for reading, math, science and social studies. The school is located north of 2222 within the Austin city limits.
          Vista Ridge High School is a recognized school which has received gold performance acknowledgements for AP results, college ready graduates, and a commendation for social studies.
          The Leander School District includes many great communities. Contact me or call 512-266-2606 to learn more about buying a home in the Leander School District.