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          Lake Travis Schools

          The Lake Travis school district (LTISD) serves the western portion of Travis County, including the communities of Bee Cave, Lakeway and Briarcliff.? More than 6500 students attend school at 8 campuses, including 5 elementaries, 2 middle schools and one high school.? All campuses are currently rated either recognized or exemplary by the Texas Education Agency.

          Bee Cave Elementary is located on Hamilton Pool Road and serves the most rural parts of?LTISD, including neighborhoods along Hamilton Pool Road, Highway 71 (west of Hwy 620), Bee Creek Road, Spicewood and Briarcliff.? The campus was rated exemplary in 2010.

          Lake Pointe Elementary is located within the Lake Pointe subdivision and serves students there as well as the Uplands neighborhood and parts of Falconhead.? It is also currently rated an exemplary campus in LTISD.

          Lakeway Elementary, another exemplary campus in LTISD, serves much of Lakeway, The Hills and Falconhead.? Lakeway Elementary is located on Lohmans Crossing across from Emmaus Catholic Church and the main entrance to The Hills of Lakeway.

          Lake Travis Elementary is the original elementary school for the?Lake Travis ISD.? It currently serves the communities of Apache Shores, Cardinal Hills and Hudson Bend.? The campus is currently a recognized campus by the Texas Education Agency and also provides bi-lingual education for the LTISD.

          Serene Hills is the newest elementary in?LTISD and serves the remainder of Lakeway as well as the Serene Hills and Rough Hollow areas.? It is also an exemplary campus.

          Two Middle Schools serve the LTISD.? Lake Travis Middle School is the original middle school and now serves students moving up from Bee Cave and Lake Pointe elementaries as well as the Falconhead community.? Hudson Bend Middle School serves most of Lakeway plus Cardinal Hills, Apache Shores and Hudson Bend.

          Lake Travis High School is currently the sole high school for the district and is able to provide many of the benefits to students that only a larger campus can provide, such as a wide variety of academic classes and extra-curricular opportunities.? Both middle schools and the high school campus have enjoyed at least recognized status in recent years with?Lake Travis high school achieving exemplary status for 2010.

          There is no doubt that Lake Travis ISD has some of the highest rated campuses in the entire Austin area in academics, athletics and the arts.? The district is large enough to offer a variety of student learning opportunities but is not as overwhelmingly large as many of the other school districts that surround Austin.? With a commitment to each student’s college and career preparation, the LTISD district seeks to hire the higest quality faculty and staff.? Unlike many surrounding districts, LTISD also has historically enjoyed some of the lowest staff to student ratios in the area.? Overall, Lake Travis schools are a top pick among parents wanting only the best for their children.

          When you purchase a home in the Lake Travis?ISD, you are also investing in quality education for the area children.? Good schools add positive value to your home purchase.

          Contact me or call 512-266-2606 to learn more about buying a home in the Lake Travis?ISD.