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          The Home Finding Process

          My goal is to help find the perfect home for you for the best price and as quickly as possible

          Even though you will want to spend as much time as necessary on this important purchase decision, if you are like most people, your time is valuable!? Shopping can be very tiring.? We will utilize time-saving tools such as the internet to help minimize the amount of driving necessary.? We will also follow the system outlined below to streamline the home-buying process.

          1.?You will obtain financial pre-approval in writing from a mortgage lender.

          2.?I will search the computer for all available homes that meet your criteria and provide you email links or a personalized web site for your search results.

          3.?You will select all the homes you would like to consider.

          4.?I will provide you as much information as possible on homes you are considering.

          5.?You will examine all of the information and trim your list to 5-10 homes that you want to see in person.

          6.?I will make appointments to see the selected homes and drive you to see them or meet you there if you prefer.

          7.?I will continue to send you email links of homes that are new on the market.

          8.?When you decide to purchase a home, I will advise you on what price you should offer based on comparable sales and competition in the area.

          9.?We will write the purchase offer using all the necessary forms.

          10.?I will handle all the details of the sale through closing.

          ?If you are relocating to the Austin area and are unfamiliar with neighborhoods and where you might want to live, then you will need to familiarize yourself by driving around general areas first before looking at individual homes.? I would be happy to give you a general tour of Austin first, or you can explore on your own.

          Contact me or call 512-266-2606 to start your home finding process today!