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          Buyers: 13 Things I Can Do for You as the Listing Agent

          Thank you for your interest in my listing!? In Texas, you have a choice of who helps you buy a home.? As the agent for the seller, I ask that you not tell me anything that would give away your bargaining position just in case you do decide to buy the home I have listed.? If you like the home and want to make an offer, I will be happy to help you.? I can work for you in the ways described below, but just keep in mind that I have been hired by the seller as their representative.? If you feel like you need an agent who will be your exclusive advisor, I will refer you to the buyer’s agent of your choice.?? You can give me your agent’s name and number, or you can choose from my list of helpful Realtors.? If you do not like my listing but still want to buy a home, I would like to be your exclusive Buyer’s Agent.? Please ask me for the details.? Do you need to sell your current home?? Even if you choose a different agent to help you buy this home, I can be your listing agent and help you sell your home quickly and for the most money.? Let me know how I can help.

          13 Things I Can Do For You As the Listing Agent:

          1. I will treat all parties honestly.
          2. I will disclose all material facts (that I know about or find out).
          3. I can provide helpful information about the property and the neighborhood. (Just ask!)
          4. I can respond accurately to your questions about the property.
          5. I can convey any questions to the owner.
          6. I can disclose your financial ability to buy.? (Are you pre-approved with a lender?) as well as the owner’s ability to sell? (Does the seller have clear title to the property?)
          7. I can explain all real estate terms and procedures.
          8. I can assist you with your inspection of the property.? (I’ll give you names of inspectors, give them access to the property, etc.)
          9. I can explain closing costs and procedures.
          10. I can help you obtain financing.
          11. I can provide information on comparable properties.
          12. I can assist you with the contracts.
          13. I will work diligently to help complete the sale.? (It’s my goal to make the process as easy and pleasant for all parties!? Buying a home should be a positive experience with the least stress possible.)

          If you see a home for sale that I have listed, please don’t hesitate to contact me or call me at 512-266-2606.