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          Financing Your Home

          The first step in your purchase process is obtaining proof of your ability to pay for the home you want.? If you plan to pay with CASH, you will need a copy of your account statement to show sellers that you have the money.? If you plan to finance any part of your home purchase, you must obtain a pre-approval letter from a loan officer.? You should work with a loan officer who has a proven track record of getting their clients the best loan terms for reasonable closing fees.? I recommend that you contact my own personal mortgage broker, Ashley Hall.?? Ashley Hall has a reputation for helping buyers get the best loan & interest rate for your personal circumstances.? She has helped me finance multiple homes, and every buyer I have referred to her has been thrilled with her services.

          Ashley Hall

          Morgage Broker/Owner

          Barton Hills Mortgage

          512-444-2700 office

          512-791-9884 mobile




          I will need your proof of cash or pre-approval my files before we shop for homes!