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          Buyer Representation Agreement

          Buyer Representation Agreement

          Before I begin working for you to help you find and purchase a home, you may want to read, understand and agree to sign the following two legal documents.?

          Information About Brokerage Services:? By signing this form, you are acknowledging that I have fully informed you about your right to buyer agency in Texas.? You are not agreeing to representation.

          Residential Buyer/Tenant Representation Agreement:? By signing this form, you are agreeing that you would like to have me represent you exclusively in the purchase or lease of a property.? You are also agreeing that I should get paid for my work.

          You should request these two forms from me or download them from this page, read over them carefully?& allow me to answer any questions before you sign.? You may also want to look over the following forms that?could apply to your home purchase:? General Information & Notice to Buyers, Residential Service Contract Notice, Home Inspector Information, Protect Your Family From Lead in Your Home, Protect Your Home From Mold.

          My Promise to You:

          If you choose to hire me to work for you, you get:

          • Immediate access to the most recent articles & research on home buying
          • Immediate access to neighborhood information
          • Access to all properties on the market
          • Information on market values of properties
          • Access to all legal forms required for your purchase
          • Computerized shopping capabilities
          • Professional interpretation of all of the above information
          • A guide to show you selected properties in person
          • A negotiator who will keep your best interests in mind at all times
          • A manager who will make sure your closing goes as smoothly as possible
          • A professional contact who will help you with all your future real estate needs

          How I Make My Money:

          I do not make any money on my services to you unless and until you buy a home, and it closes.? I have no guarantee of making any money until you sign a buyer’s agency representation agreement with me.? You do not pay me as long as the seller is willing to pay at least 3%.? If the house you select is listed in MLS or is offered by a builder, then you are almost guaranteed that the my fee will be covered by the listing broker.? In the very rare case that the listing agent or seller is not willingly to pay 3%, we can negotiate my fee with the seller in the purchase offer or you can pay any difference to me at closing.

          Please contact me or call 512-266-2606 to request your customized forms.