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          Buyer Agency Details

          I have access to all houses for sale no matter what brokerage firm is representing the seller or even if the home is a “For Sale By Owner” or a builder’s home.? We will shop them all!? First, we will shop by computer, then we will view the houses you select in person.? If we don’t find anything suitable, I will even call home owners who are not on the market to see if they might want to sell!? We will leave no stone unturned!

          Homes Not Listed By My Local Branch Office:

          In this case, I will remain your exclusive, buyer’s agent!

          Homes Listed By Another Agent in My Local Branch Office:

          In this case, my branch office becomes a neutral intermediary by law.? I will be appointed as your buyer’s agent and will continue to work with you.? The listing agent in my office represents the seller.? These types of transactions can work out great for both buyer and seller because we all work well together as a team at our office.

          Homes Listed By Me:

          If you decide to make an offer on one of my listings, I can no longer represent you exclusively.? I already represent the seller.? I won’t be able to advise you on price unless the seller allows me to do so.? I can help you fill out the contracts, and the whole transaction should go very smoothly since we will have one less person in the picture to negotiate with!? I will basically act as a facilitator of the sale.? It will be my job to make sure that the transaction proceeds as smoothly and fairly as possible for both buyer and seller.

          Homes Offered For Sale By Owner:

          Some owners will pay my full commission (at least 3% of the sales price), and thus you will not be obligated to pay me for my services.? In rare cases, an owner will refuse to pay me at all.? I would then ask you to pay for my services.? You can easily add 3% to the sales price when you make your offer to the seller and specify that amount to me.

          Please contact me or call 512-266-2606 for more information.