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          Advantages of Buyer Agency

          Without Buyer Agency:

          You have no representation in the purchase of your home.? You force any agent you contact, including me, to work for the seller.? I (and any other agent) can only give you limited information on what homes are for sale.? I can give you no advice or opinions on pricing, etc.? You are on your own!

          This is called “subagency.”? All agents are subagents –> of listing agents –> representing sellers.? You stand alone as the “customer.”

          With Buyer Agency:

          I can give you full representation in the purchase of your home.? I no longer work for the seller.? Instead, I work solely in?your best interest, even though you typically pay nothing beyond the purchase price to have me as your agent!? I give you sound, professional advice on all aspects of the purchase process.

          You are now my “client.”? Listing agents –> represent sellers.? Buyer’s agents –> represent buyers.? You are no longer alone when you hire me to work as your buyer’s agent.

          Contact me or call 512-266-2606 for more information.

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