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          Perfect Time to List your House for Sale

          It’s the perfect time to list your house for sale in the Austin area. Lots of buyers are looking for homes, and there are very few homes on the market. Competition is low, and if you list your house now, you will have the best chance to sell.

          If priced correctly, many homes that are receiving multiple offers and even selling above list price. Homes in higher price ranges are taking less time to sell than ever.

          No matter what price range your home is in, the Austin economy is strong, and buyers want homes. Take advantage of this perfect timing, and list now. Do it before everyone else decides to sell. That way, you have less competition.

          Watch this video message and call me today: ?512-266-2606.

          Behind on Property Taxes or Mortgage Payments? Sell now!

          If you are behind on your property taxes or mortgage payments, you want to act quickly. Texas is the fastest foreclosure state in the nation. If you are behind on property taxes or behind on mortgage payments, you are at serious risk of losing your house to foreclosure.

          It’s important to either catch up all of your payments because if you are even behind a few dollars, you are still considered delinquent. I had a client who caught up all her mortgage payments, but the mortgage company had bought an additional hazard insurance policy on her home. Because she disagreed with that, she didn’t pay it, so the mortgage company still considered her to be behind on payments.

          Luckily, we got her home on the market and got the house sold so that everything the mortgage company said she owed was paid off. And, she made a profit on the sale.

          So, it is entirely possible to:

          1. ?Sell your house

          2. ?Pay off all property taxes owed

          3. ?Pay off the mortgage

          4. ?Pay all closing fees

          5. ?Make a profit!

          Here’s my video message on how I can help you make a profit on your home. Call me at 512-266-2606 for more information.

          A Need for One-Story Homes in the Lake Travis and Austin Area

          I have been showing one story homes to my clients for the past two weeks. The husband just turned eighty years old, and the wife is in her seventies and had knee surgery several years ago. While they can both manage stairs, they would prefer a one-story home with no stairs for obvious reasons.

          One Story Home in Austin
          One Story Home in Austin

          Although we have found homes to consider, I’ve been struck by the limited selection of available homes. Once we saw everything in their price range, I began to ask around my office for upcoming listings.

          I said: “Got any upcoming listings? I’ve got a buyer looking for a one-story.”

          Guess what the response was!

          “You and every other agent out there!”

          It’s not just agents with older clients looking for these homes. Returning military often prefer not to navigate stairs either. Many have suffered various injuries from their service, and some can’t even consider going up and down stairs with frequency.

          Guess who else doesn’t like stairs? All those active folks out there who have suffered sports injuries in the past. Just the memory of having to hobble up and down steps reminds athletic people that stairs in your home are not always your friend.

          If you have a one-story home that you are considering selling, now is the time to list it for sale. The need is out there. Don’t wait until spring because your competition is currently low, but more sellers dump their homes on the market after the first of the year.

          It’s a great time to get top dollar for your one-story home. Call me to find out what your house might sell for.


          Should Military Members Buy a Home in Austin Texas?

          Recently Jean Chatzky shared her financial advice for military members on the Today Show: http://www.jeanchatzky.com/category/nbc-todayshow. ?I was once again disappointed that home ownership is being discouraged by the media. While I think it’s wonderful that Ms. Chatzky is providing free financial advice to military members and veterans through Operation Money, I do not understand how she can advise young military members to “save for retirement” before saving for a house.

          She justifies her advice by saying that active members move every two years. And, I can certainly understand why anyone not planning to stay longer than two years in a city might choose to rent. Still, I would consult a local real estate agent before I listened to non-regional advice about a clearly regional topic.

          Depending on the market, it may be far preferable to buy than to rent because the monthly savings could far outweigh any sales costs incurred within two years. Plus, if rents are generally high in an area, a military member could choose to rent out his house instead of selling in two years and possibly even make a monthly profit.

          There are so many pluses to buying a home, I fail to understand why the media continues to discourage home ownership. Not only do you often have monthly savings but you can build equity in a real asset as opposed to a retirement asset, which is not only untouchable while you are below retirement age but is most often invested in paper stocks in companies you cannot control. At least you can control a physical asset, such as a house.

          Over the years, my family, my parent’s family and my husband’s family have all made plenty of money buying and selling houses as home owners. We have rented out houses in down markets when we couldn’t sell and even when we had to sell in a down market, we never lost money. And, all of our family members have gained wealth over time in real estate.

          If you are a military member, please don’t take advice on housing from the national media. Find an experienced, local real estate agent and find out whether or not it’s a good time to buy a home in the area you will be living in.

          Should You Buy or Rent in Austin Texas?

          Should you buy or rent a home in Austin Texas? It is almost always cheaper to buy a home in Austin than to rent.

          Monthly rent is typically higher than your combined monthly payment on a house mortgage (including insurance and property taxes). This is especially true if you want to live in a single family, detached house. If you are willing to live in an apartment, you may save a few hundred per month by compromising on privacy and size.

          Buyers can find many homes to choose from in areas close in to Central Austin for $200,000 or less. With good credit and a modest down payment of $7000 or less, your total monthly payment could be well below $1600 per month. It is difficult to find any rental home in the Austin area for less than that amount.

          A home purchase in the Austin area can be a great investment and a monthly money saver IF you have an experienced agent to help you buy. Contact me at 512-266-2606. I love guiding home buyers to purchase a residence that is not only a great place to live but also a safe investment.

          Even if your monthly payment would be higher than rent, the example below shows how, over time, buying is still better than throwing away money on rent.

          Buy vs. Rent Comparison

          The chart below shows a cost comparison for a renter and a homeowner over a 7 year period.

          The renter starts out paying $800 per month with annual increases of 5% The homeowner purchases a home for $110,000 and pays a monthly mortgage of $1,000

          After 6 years, the homeowner’s payment is lower than the renter’s monthly payment

          With the tax savings of home ownership, the homeowner’s payment is less?than the rental payment after 3 years

          Buy or Rent a Home?
          Buy or Rent a Home?