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          “Without your guidance we would’ve never been able to pull off this transaction with the way we sold our fist home. ?You proved that you really care about your clients and willing to go above and beyond the call of duty.” ?Jorge H. 9-15-2011

          “As?first time home buyers, we were a bit nervous about buying a home.? With Dianne’s help and guidance we found the house we were looking for!”? Marci Ditzell

          “We were extraordinarily pleased with Dianne’s helpfulness and consideration in helping us make the move to Austin.? The stigma associated with real estate agents has been greatly overturned in our eyes.”? David Ingle

          “Dianne was a courteous, proactive, and professional advocate during the sale of our duplex and purchase of a new-to-us home.? Her understanding for when to provide guidance and when to allow us time to consider our options made these real estate transactions very positive experiences.”? Chris and Kathy Noack

          “Dianne & her team were a pleasure to work with.? They were very professional and attentive.? We have worked with Realtors? in the past and did not have a good experience.? Dianne’s team restored our faith in people, not just Realtors?.? If you want someone who knows the market and how to get you closer to owning your dream home, give them a call.? It will be worth it.? They made our transition easy.? They get two thumbs up from this family.”? Mario and Tami Nagar

          “Dianne sold two houses for us.? We had immediate offers on both of them and wound up getting thousands more than we expected.? In spite of misrepresentations by one of the mortgage brokers, Dianne was able to work through the problems and get us to closing.? We were very happy with the way she handled all the details!”? Jay Wright

          “After experiencing Dianne’s helpfulness long after the sale was finalized, we were spoiled with “the best.”? No one but Dianne will ever do!”? Vicki Palmer